The Car Spring Cleaning: How To Get Your Car Ready For Spring!

Woman in Yellow Shirt Washing a Black VehicleThe car also needs a spring cleaning. This is especially true after a winter like this. The winter dirt has to be removed and the car cleaned. This also includes mending scratches and giving the car a new polish. And of course, switching to summer tires is also part of this if you do not drive with all-season tires. Checking the brakes, shock absorbers and ventilation is also part of this. The first step is to clean the vehicle in a good car wash. It is important to look around for a car wash where the car can be carefully washed. You can repair scratches yourself. Or be carried out as a smart repair in a specialized vehicle workshop. The new polish of the paint can also be ordered there, if this cannot be done by yourself. The car then shines in a new shine. And can drive into the new vehicle season ready for spring.

Car care is more than just the car wash Just taking a car to the car wash for spring cleaning doesn’t do much good. Making the car suitable for spring is more than just washing the outside of the car once. The paint needs its care. Scratches should be repaired as soon as possible before they can dig into the paint any further. The vehicle needs a good polish in order to be protected from the weather for the next few months. And the underbody of the car should also be examined carefully so that any rust damage can be noticed in good time and repaired. If you cannot do the vehicle care yourself, you can have it done in a Smart Repair workshop.

Changing summer tires is part of the spring cleaning!

Auto, Wash, Clean, Car MaintenanceWhen spring comes, it’s time to look at the summer tires that were stored before winter. Is the tread depth enough to be driven another year? Is there any damage that does not allow it to be used again? Do the tires have to be inflated again so that they offer an optimal driving experience and do not consume too much fuel? All of this is important. If the profile is too worn, it is time to look for new summer tires. Here it is recommended to look at the current test results. Cheap tires may seem cheap at first glance. However, they are usually not worth their money – they put drivers, passengers and the rest of the road traffic at risk. Therefore, when it comes to tires, you shouldn’t just look very much at the money, but also at safety.

Have the brakes checked in the workshop Part of

the spring cleaning of the car is also to have the vehicle checked in the workshop. The brakes are particularly important. Dirt can quickly accumulate here in winter weather, which sooner or later could lead to impairments or even failures. The shock absorbers and ventilation should also be checked in the workshop. It is true that it costs money to make the car suitable for spring, but such checks increase both your own safety and that of other road users!

Conclusion: Every car needs a spring cleaning!

Car care is part of a car. Getting the car fit for spring is important for several reasons. On the one hand, of course, it improves the look of the car driven through the winter. On the other hand, it increases safety when the brakes are running properly again and the vehicle is on safer tires. An annual spring cleaning of the car is important to maintain the vehicle’s value.